Saturday, November 28, 2009


some sick skating and a nice little soundtrack.. take a look

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marc Hendrix made a one an only appearance as DJ Hendy Boy at La Campana a week or so ago. Since then he's been making a few mixtapes and sharing with us.. Now he's slapped them on the world wide web for all of you. Music ranging from Atlas Sound / Larry and the Blue Notes / Real Estate/ King Tuff / Almightly Defenders / Animal Collective / Jacuzzi Boys.. he's got it all.

The download links are on Hendy Boy's blog.


Monday, November 23, 2009

jamie thomas - tws buyers guide
jamie thomas - tws buyers guide
jamie thomas - tws buyers guide
jamie thomas - tws buyers guide
Jamie Thomas 'LAST WORDS' in the new TWS Buyers Guide 2010


What is your inspiration behind riding for Insight and was it tough to leave your own brand?
Well first off, I think the clothing and the creative direction of the brand is really cool and inspiring. Also, since I've gotten more involved with the brand through the distribution relationship, I've been able to get to know everyone and see the potential of the brand, so riding for it came about rather naturally. It was kind of hard to imagine not riding for Fallen Apparel, but since I'll obviously still be working with the team and the designers for Fallen, it still feels good. I've also needed a change for a while and this gives me the opportunity to start a new chapter of my career/life.

Who's on the team now and can we expect any skate team changes?
Daniel Shimizu, Paul Shier, Brian Brown and Tyler Mumma from the US and since they're an Australian based company, they have a crew of dudes from there; Nick Boserio, Rhys Grogan, Bernie Foo and Dane Burman. Then there's Sam Partaix from France. The plan is to let any team changes that may come up happen naturally, so we'll see how that goes.

Insight's a pretty fashion forward brand, will your signature pieces with them be as well?
I think everything will have an Insight twist, but the goal is to make stuff that skateshops can get behind; price wise and style wise.

Are you looking forward to being a team rider first and foremost responsible for photos and video of yourself, not having to be as concerned about big picture/company owner issues?
I'm so psyched to just be a team rider, it's exhausting being responsible for everything.

What's the story with all the crazy ad campaigns, where do those come from?
They just want to do their own thing and they're incredibly creative, so they just dream it up and make it happen.

What's the meaning behind, 'Repeat after me; I am free?'
I think it's just to remind you that you're free to get loose, in case you forgot. I can appreciate it, cause sometimes I get stuck in the rules that the industry/world puts on us.

So Insight is an Australian brand, how does that effect what you do and or don't do with the brand?
Well minus the time difference and the fact that they're so far away, not much. I guess it does mean that I'll be going to Australia more often and I can't complain about that.

Heard you starting surfing... has hooking up with Insight changed your outlook on activities or styles?
I guess I've just become more open minded, because I now know you can do stuff other than skate without being a kook.

When can we expect to see you in an Insight ad campaign? Have you started working on ads and apparel pieces?
I filmed a skit for their web campaign and I think my ad will come out in the next few months, it's going to kick off the new print campaign. We've also already designed some apparel for next year, some of which will be released around march.

Where can a skateboarder go to buy Insight?
It may be expensive and a little hard to find now, but we're working on changing both of those things as fast as possible. Hopefully, it will soon be in your local skateshop.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Chris Searl's talent speaks for its sell, I don't think I have to say much!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



Sean Tully held his first solo art show last week in Ventura, at the Laurel Gallery. Few photos from the evening below.
Wish I could have been there to check it out and go wild at El Ray later that evening.

For more art done by Sean, check out his website here.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amidst the fog of global calamity Insight escaped (again), abandoned their apartments and quit the city...

One barely legal 1972 Double Decker school bus liberally retro-fitted with color and carelessly customised for comfort. One driver seat occupied by a barefooted local carpenter (with a fresh license in one hand, and a fresh lime in the other) and of course one full load of 26 restless intrepid travelers.

The campaign features some real rad surfing and skating by Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Daniel Shimizu, Tyler Mumma and Jamie Thomas.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Deus. are holding a vintage and retro surf market & swap meet at their store in Camperdown on the 12th of December. Should be real good.

More info