Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ed Templeton.
Ed after all day installation.
Box art.

Deformer Ed's Latest.
Ed Templeton grew up in Orange County California, skateboarding since age 13, and helping to refine the future of the sport.He served a pioneering role in leading skateboarding into the creative and cultural influence it is today. The mid-'90's would turn Templeton into both a businessman and artist, and an unwitting archetype for a new renaissance man of street culture. He launched Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company in 1993, and had his first solo exhibition in 1994 at the legendary Alleged Gallery ran by Aaron Rose. Templeton began experimenting with photography in 1995, once again finding himself on the vanguard of a new cutting edge: The mix of social documentary and personal expression, exemplified by precursors like Nan Goldin and Larry Clark, which would come to define a certain moment in the late 20th century. "I realized I was missing out on all this great subject matter that I was living around," says Templeton, whose skating career sent him across the world for contests and expos. He soon branched out from shooting the insular scene, and began turning his camera on the minutiae of his daily existence. "Every free moment, I'm walking around the streets shooting photos of life in general - including my personal life." Most notorious are the candid nude shots of his wife, Deanna, which Templeton regrettably notes receive and undue amount of attention. It's not titillation or exploitation though, but rather the natural end result of collapsing life and art, of making them into a singular entity. Relationships, travels, religion, portraits, street scenes - they're all just part of Ed's photographic record. Templeton's growing oeuvre of paintings and photographs were showcased in 2004's momentous "Beautiful Losers" group show. This seminal exposition, which also included works by Barry McGee, Ryan McGinley, Chris Johanson, Raymond Pettibon, and a slew of others, brought together a new creative vanguard whose visual lexicon left an immediate mark on the culture.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here We Go Magic // Tunnelvision

Here We Go Magic is all time.
Not exactly the music your going to have a stomp to at your local disco on a Saturday evening, but I'm sure when Sunday afternoon rolls around you'd get a few hippies going wild!
Kick off the boots and enjoy.. Tunnelvision.

The rest of the self titled debut is real good. Take a listen!

Few stills from the motion picture, Where The Wild Things Are!

Pretty excited to check it out.. Screening at the pictures, October 16!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Holga // Todays Camera

    Best Camera

    Best Photos  

    Best Film      

  Best Idea     

       Best Exposures

   Best Lens      

Best Fun    

 Check Them Out!  




The Arcade Fire & David Bowie

This song is one of the coolest songs going round at the
moment, the band is full of mad people check the guy out
on the drums having a bloody ball! It all so
features on the Trailer 'Where The Wild Things Are' a few posts down.
Just when you think a gig couldn't get any better, when better
walks right on to stage BOWIE!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tijuana Panthers // Crew Cut

Tijuana Panthers film clip Crew Cut. Check it out if you wanna..

All their other tracks are sick. I recon Redheaded girl's outstanding.
Judge for yourself!

Monday, May 25, 2009


Sean Tully's a good bud of mine that I met during my stay in California. Ended up shacking up at his joint in Ventura and had a wild time.

He surfs super sick on all kinds of shred sleds.

photo. david pu'u

When he's not out on his log at Malibu or slashing Rincon, sure guess he'll have a glass of red in one hand and paint brush in the other.

Did I mention Seans a pretty sick artist too? Check his site out..

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Suckers are hells good.
My buddy Silent put me onto these guys. Their whole EP's sick, but I quite fancy 'Easy Chairs'.. have a listen.

If suckers is just not you, then I'd perhaps recommend you tune into Thirty Merc, heard there real rad! ha.. sssuckersss

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Terry Richardson?

A Photographer so raw that evan his own COCK 
gets sucked during his shoots! Terry Richardson 
brings out more than the norm in most of his 
subjects, from shooting Kate Moss, Nerd,
Will Farrell, Jessica Alba and Barack Obarma
just to label a few, the real photographs he collects
are amazing! Have a look for His Hard Book
Modern Collective // Kia Neville

Kai Neville & Poor Specimens new film looks! Well
you check the trailer filled with the new of new surfers
the only ones that surf the new surf and tell me how
it looks! Coming 2009! Modern Collective

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tame Impala covering Remember Me by Blue Boy.. Pretty sick cover.

They've been playing a lot of live gigs in the last little while.. one would almost call them festival sluts! But their still rad.

They've also brought out a new track, 'Sundown Syndrome'. I'll slap it up for you to have a listen real soon,

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gato Heroi // Hi Shredability

Tyler Mason from Vice TV ventured down to Costa Mesa to film an episode of Hi Shredability on Robin Kegal, the creator of Gato Heroi!  Robin seems like a bit of a wild prick, dabbling in a bit of everything.  He makes some real rad shred sleds, sick wetsuits and a little clothing.  If your remotely interested have a watch of the videos..

There are also heaps of other sick clips on Hi Shredability.. Go check out other episodes on Dan Malloy, Alex Knost, Thomas Campbell n' Dane Reynolds.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kate Moss // Babe

"Miss does not give a FUCK Moss" had to
appear soon. Check her Biography out, hells
bed time story, dream of that shit all night long!
Ocean Journey // Pirate Steve's

Heading offshore for 2 hours is not the most inviting
trip I have been on! I really thought we were going on some
wild goose chase, some fisherman had spat out some story
to a friend of mine "Yeah There's Hell Waves Out There".
Lucky enough my girlfriends Dad owns a 50 foot Cat
so I gave him a dial to plan our adventure!
2 days later after loading 3 Jet Skis and seeking
out 6 Pro hell men to tow the hyped up sick wave we
were on the open ocean. We arrived to this slab of reef in
the middle of the ocean at about 7:00 am with this wave
feathering across the reef. Everyone looked really bummed,
one of the boys dunked one of the Ski's
off the back of the boat to go have a closer look.
As we watched him disappear away we
realized the feathering wave was a 10 foot below sea
level monster! The wave has never been surfed before
and i don't think it will be ridden ever again!

The Feathering Monster.

Pirate Steve.

Courtney & Kirby motoring out.

Kirby's first ride, heavy slashing!

Friday, May 15, 2009

THE PRESENT // Thomas Campbell

Thomas Campbell, the creator of Sprout and The Seedling, has recently finished another 16mm film.. The Present.

The Present is sure to be outstanding.. Go catch the motion picture at your nearest cinema.

For Australian Tour details click here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short Fuse // The Black Lips

Short Fuse is sick!

It's off the Black Lips latest album, 200 thousand million. Been out for a little bit now, so you might have heard it already.

If not...
Listen in.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

.Body Surf.

Ryan Heywood has been making this little online body surf magazine.
It's got some pretty sick photos! Have a little browse..

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.. four gringos, that couldn't speak a word of Spanish and with no idea of what we were doing or where to go!

We decided to head to the Caribbean Coast. Heard stories of it being some kinda tropical paradise. We got there after a little struggle n' getting dusted by come dodge cab driver who's tire blew off half way through the trip, to find a place full of phony rustas and NO waves.. All the lads were so excited to surf and with no waves we got up to a little mischief. After nearly paying Micheal Scofield a visit we hot tailed it outta there in the back of some guys bedford van with his little ankle biting mutt and headed for the Pacific Coast.

Perfect waves and no phony rustas. The four of us made our way up from Panama to Mexico and had a wild time on the way.

Photos were taken by my mate, Mike De Tullio.

Puerto Viejo. Costa Rica.

Panama. Broken down. So hot the road was melting.

Walking the trail.

Pavones. Costa Rica.

Dusk. Popoyo. Nicaragua

Volcano. Guatemala. Lava was so close you could roast marsh mellows.

Antigua. Guatemala

Friday, May 8, 2009

the growlers // tyler warren.

The Growlers are good! Straight outta the OC.
Got a bit of a country twang. Don't know if you folk'll like them, but I recon their pretty bitchin.

& Tyler Warren. Shred dog. Sports a pretty rad slick back du too!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Home.

I leave my home in the City to go to my home in the Country,
I can't wait to get back down to the south, clean air, no
hustle or bustle just living! I'll see you Monday SOCIALITE!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are.

Yeah this looks like a kids flick but I can't wait for this
to hit the Movies. The song "Wake Up" by The Arcade Fire
just makes this trailer too!
Street Slashing.

Street Skating is super sick to photograph, it has this really raw
feel about it. Most Skaters have cool styles and arty looks. Lajos
Varga, Triathlete, Photographer, Skater and Close Friend from
Perth Australia, has the cool styles and arty looks!  

Lajos Varga.

Castle drain kickie.

Fear & Loathing.

I watched this Film again last night its still one of the
wildest taking drug films i have ever seen. If you haven't seen
it check it and watch the Acid take Deep's mind real bad!
Cars // Bogans

Revving at the Lights,  Street Races,
Burning Rubber, 180's, Big Exhausts,
360's, Bundi Loving, Heavy Metal 
Raging, Massive Thong wearing silly
pricks that think they kill it! DON'T

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Mexico was dope. Surf got big.
Traveling through on the way up to California last year and kinda got stuck for a few months.. Parties were fun, with the odd shake-down by sketch cops. But we all made it out okay.

These photos were taken by my buddy, Micheal Alfonso De Tullio

It's so good, you'll happily get eaten alive my mosquito's & eat fish for, breakfast, lunch n dinner.

Afternoon. After a hard day on the slash

Barra De La Cruz


Puerto Escondido
180' South.

MQ&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344">

Last time this far south I spent 43 nights sweltering alone inside a mosquito
infested tent, After along flat spell some expacts dragged me to a whore house
in the middle of the desert, We had mescel for breakfast, Got sick for a week
because of bad river water, But man I love this place!
Into the wild with PATAGONIA's new flick.
-Coming 2009-
Ventura // Through the eyes of a Holga

Ventura. CA. so sick.

Spent a bit of time here last year and met some hell mates. Didn't wanna leave.
Just got pulled out of the green card lottery. May be seeing you guys a little sooner than I thought. xo

The Black Lips played in this emptied out swimming pool in New York one Sunday afternoon. It was wild!

Watch the full concert at

King Khan put on quite the show before hand, but not all the lads hung out for the Black Lips....

"they didn't, they didn't. I cannot believe they left the Black Lips early!"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sin City.

Living in Sydney last year was grand, meeting new 
friends, seeing new locations and just doing different
things it is one of the best choices i've ever made!
Here are a few snaps from a pack of Polaroid film that 
I shot while I was there. 

Fixies there everywhere!

Red leather seats Manly Town.

No diving.
Os Gemeos.

Caught a glimpse of their work when I was strolling the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a little while back.

Os Gemeos (the twins) have been doing their thing in Sao Paulo for years. They did some work on the back of Kinsella's. Go have a look, if it hasn't already been painted over.

Saw these guys last time they were out.. real rad!

Lead singers dance moves are sick and the bass guitarist has a filthy mane of hair.. Go catch them if you can, their all time.
Lovers' Land.

Attended the lovers' land show at Deus showroom the other
evening. Was pretty good. Some hell photos and sick short movies. Also enjoyed a couple of ales with whalebone and the gang.

Eastern // Western
Cowboys & Indians