Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Went over to Bali with a some close friends of mine for a few weeks. Scored some fun waves and had a few interesting evenings.

The photos below were taken by my friends Hank and Woody.

Arrived in Denpasar, with Silent being sent back home due to invalid passport and Maxi leaving his suitcase circulating on the carousel. Nice one boys.

Checking the rollers at Ulu's. Not a whole lot going on, although race tracks had a couple of fun ones.

Session at Chungu. Followed by a coffee or two.

Dreamland. Not so dreamy.

Couple of ales at the beach bar.


Roachie. Went missing for a few days, but he's back!

We went over to Nusa Lembongan for a few days, and waited for the swell that never came. View from the homestead was nice though.

The odd smoker did come through Shipwrecks.

Day down at Karma.

I'll slap my photos
up soon, when I get my act together and get the film developed.

Had a wild time over in Bali this year.. Cant wait to go back real soon!

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