Sunday, May 10, 2009


Arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica.. four gringos, that couldn't speak a word of Spanish and with no idea of what we were doing or where to go!

We decided to head to the Caribbean Coast. Heard stories of it being some kinda tropical paradise. We got there after a little struggle n' getting dusted by come dodge cab driver who's tire blew off half way through the trip, to find a place full of phony rustas and NO waves.. All the lads were so excited to surf and with no waves we got up to a little mischief. After nearly paying Micheal Scofield a visit we hot tailed it outta there in the back of some guys bedford van with his little ankle biting mutt and headed for the Pacific Coast.

Perfect waves and no phony rustas. The four of us made our way up from Panama to Mexico and had a wild time on the way.

Photos were taken by my mate, Mike De Tullio.

Puerto Viejo. Costa Rica.

Panama. Broken down. So hot the road was melting.

Walking the trail.

Pavones. Costa Rica.

Dusk. Popoyo. Nicaragua

Volcano. Guatemala. Lava was so close you could roast marsh mellows.

Antigua. Guatemala

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