Thursday, May 7, 2009

Going Home.

I leave my home in the City to go to my home in the Country,
I can't wait to get back down to the south, clean air, no
hustle or bustle just living! I'll see you Monday SOCIALITE!


  1. What kind of socialite says a thing like that??

    YOu've gone soft in the middle, getting old and grey! Life is like a toilet roll

    I'm going strait to the IVY pool in my best pair of ball length bathers to show of my Crackwax to all the lovely ladies!!! Including you, you, you and especially you! TOuch it, feel it! Be the pool pony!

    Have fun in the country with your Mumma

  2. For your info.....
    I never made it to the IVY pool. Got rocked at home instead on a bottle of Red Kelpie Rum! Tried to skate board down the hallway and ole onto the washing machine before pissing on myself, kicking a speaker and sleeping on the kitchen floor

    Hells Rad is my maiden name