Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ocean Journey // Pirate Steve's

Heading offshore for 2 hours is not the most inviting
trip I have been on! I really thought we were going on some
wild goose chase, some fisherman had spat out some story
to a friend of mine "Yeah There's Hell Waves Out There".
Lucky enough my girlfriends Dad owns a 50 foot Cat
so I gave him a dial to plan our adventure!
2 days later after loading 3 Jet Skis and seeking
out 6 Pro hell men to tow the hyped up sick wave we
were on the open ocean. We arrived to this slab of reef in
the middle of the ocean at about 7:00 am with this wave
feathering across the reef. Everyone looked really bummed,
one of the boys dunked one of the Ski's
off the back of the boat to go have a closer look.
As we watched him disappear away we
realized the feathering wave was a 10 foot below sea
level monster! The wave has never been surfed before
and i don't think it will be ridden ever again!

The Feathering Monster.

Pirate Steve.

Courtney & Kirby motoring out.

Kirby's first ride, heavy slashing!

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